Aaron McGruder

Aaron McGruder (born May 29, 1974) is an American cartoonist best known for writing and drawing The Boondocks, a Universal Press Syndicate comic strip about two young African American brothers from inner-city Chicago now living with their grandfather in a sedate suburb, as well as being the creator and executive producer of The Boondocks television series based on his strip. Through the excepti... Read more...

Aaron McGruder quotes

I cannot be made into the commentator for the unspoken black masses.

We have, essentially, a worthless democracy.

Once you give up rights, they're not going to give them back.

We have to confront the very scary fact that the president is a moron. He's really dumb.

I want the news delivered unbiased. I thought that was the whole point with journalism.

You know, Democratic and Republican administrations alike have supported individuals and regimes that have slaughtered millions across the globe. And they need to be held accountable for that.

I'm not a Democrat.

The American people have no control over what the military does. We have no say in American foreign policy.

One, I push my deadlines closer than anybody else, or let's say it this way: I'm really late.

And I'm not so in love with making people mad that I want to live my life around it.